Click here for the AS ICT Homework book. It contains all the homework assignments, Unit tests and exam questions for all the AS Units: Y12HWBook.pdf

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Welcome to the AS ICT course. A Level ICT is a 2 year course that is taught using 2 assessment objectives:
  • A: Practical Skills 60% - Use of the computer to complete various tasks using the IT software provided

  • B: Knowledge and Understanding 40% - Understanding of the actual theory behind the subject, assessed through the completion of worksheets, past papers, mock exams, etc

Assessment is carried out as follows:


Independent reading, research and homework are vital elements of this course. It is important that you ensure you put in the right amount of time and effort, in order to make sure you get the best grade possible in your exams.

Like any other A Level subject, ICT theory requires you to learn the facts and understand the principles. There is no shortcut - you will have to WORK HARD and COMPLETE YOUR HOMEWORK! The assignments in your homework book will help you to gain the knowledge and understanding required in the first part of your course.

Each assignment will require you to complete some reading and independent research in order to answer the questions properly. Whenever you are tempted to skip on the research & reading, remember: your answers will show whether or not you have completed the research – and so will your end of unit exams!

Suggested materials and sites for your research include:

Your text books & the school library
  • AS & A level Applied ICT (Brian Sargeant & Graham Brown)
  • How Computers Work (Ron White) from the school library
  • How the Internet Works (Preston Gralla) from the school library
  • How Personal and Internet Security Work (Preston Gralla) from the school library
On the Web:

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