In this section you will look at the impact of ICT and online services on society. Please check the syllabus (you can download this from the homepage of this wiki) to make sure that you cover all the necessary criteria.

The following lessons should be completed carefully. You will need to complete at least one hour of independent research for each topic, which should include
  • you tube - look for appropriate videos. Make sure you complete a video evidence sheet for each one (they can be downloaded from the Section 2 page on this wiki)
  • News sites/stories: try, and browse through their news stories section. You will need to complete a website evidence sheet for each one.
  • READ YOUR TEXTBOOK carefully - read each appropriate section and make notes or mind maps in your books. I will check all books when we return to school.
EACH LESSON can be downloaded here as a zipped folder. You will need to download and open each folder: they contain all the worksheets and activities.
3.1: ICT in Society - Shopping. Download the files here:

3.1 - Banking. Download the files here:

3.2: Effects of ICT on Employment. Download the files here: 3.2